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Representing the most advanced electric vehicle charging technology in the world, Tesla Motors unveiled the Supercharger station after keeping it under wraps until June of 2013. Tesla Motors is a leading electric car and EV infrastructure manufacturer.

Tesla Supercharger stations are capable of supplying up to 50% battery capacity charge to a Model S in roughly 20 minutes. The company claims the Supercharger rate is approximately 16 times faster than the average public EV charging stations in the industry. All Model S with 85 kWh batteries are able to use any Supercharger station. 65 kWh models may either choose an upgrade to 85 kWh or configure to be Supercharging-enabled with the same 65 kWh batteries.

To charge at the Supercharger station, Model S cars need to plug in using the station connector. AC J1772 connectors are also available at some sites. Several Supercharger stations are outfitted with solar canopies to offset energy use and to provide shade to users. Tesla stated it plans to provide solar canopies to all Supercharger stations.

Initial Tesla Supercharger stations were installed at strategic spots along Boston to Washington and Los Angeles to San Francisco highway corridors.

The first Tesla Supercharger stations were installed in Norway capital Oslo as well as in other key locations across the country to enable Model S drivers travel for free. Watch the launch of Tesla Supercharger Stations in Europe in the video below.

Supercharger stations are weather resistant and open 24/7 for charging.

The company stated that use of Supercharger stations for Model S is free for life once the Supercharger option is enabled.

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