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Brightbox Charging Station Equipment

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Brightbox Inc. supplies mobile charging kiosks that feature secure smartphone charging and credit card activation. Brightbox mobile charging stations feature separate locked charging chambers. The mobile charging kiosks allow unlimited personal chamber access. The kiosks require a one-time flat fee depending on location which is good for a single unlimited charge.

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Tesla Motors Supercharger Charging Station Equipment

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Representing the most advanced electric vehicle charging technology in the world, Tesla Motors unveiled the Supercharger station after keeping it under wraps until June of 2013. Tesla Motors is a leading electric car and EV infrastructure manufacturer. Tesla Supercharger stations are capable of supplying up to 50% battery capacity charge to a Model S in roughly 20

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ShorePower Technologies Charging Station Equipment

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ShorePower Technologies originated from the TSE (Truck Stop Electrification) pilot project launched by the state of New York with the support of the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. ShorePower’s EV charging infrastructure are focused on connecting high traffic truck stop/parking spaces to the electrical grid. Watch the launch of

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ParkPod Charging Station Equipment

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ParkPod is a startup company that supplies networked ParkPod charging stations. Parkpod operates EV charging stations systems in the US and in Germany. The company provides turnkey EV charging solutions for retail, parking lots, municipalities, and other locations. ParkPod offers both ParkPod Hardware and Software for customer-ready pilot projects. Watch ParkPod

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GE Wattstation Charging Station Equipment

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General Electric (GE) is a US-based multinational conglomerate corporation that operates in energy, technology infrastructure, capital finance, consumer and industrial applications. GE Industrial Solutions presents its WattStation as the flagship product of its EV infrastructure solutions. The WattStation is available as Networked, Non-Networked, and DuraStation

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Goal Zero Charging Station Equipment

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Goal Zero supplies solar power systems that support USB, AC/DC power devices on the go. Goal Zero launched StreetCharge in partnership with AT&T and Brooklyn-based design studio PENSA to provide free solar-powered mobile charging stations in the streets of New York. Watch the Street Charge in the news in the video below:   The StreetCharge is a

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Ecotality Blink Charging Station Equipment

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Electric transportation company EcoTotality launched the Blink EV charging stations network in support of the US federal government-funded EV Project. Blink charging stations are manufactured and sold by EcoTotality. For a quick how-to on the Blink DC Fast Charger watch this video:   Blink Pedestal chargers are suited for commercial and public areas.

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ChargePoint Charging Station Equipment

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ChargePoint online global EV charging network is the largest in the world with over 13,000 EV charging locations in 14 countries. ChargePoint Services is powered by its parent EV infrastructure company, Coulomb Technologies. Coulomb Technologies has expanded in nearly 30 US states as well as in Canada and Europe since it launched the first Chargepoint station. The

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Clipper Creek Charging Station Equipment

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ClipperCreek Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier of electric vehicle supply equipment for United States EVs. ClipperCreek’s line of EV infrastructure products accommodates both battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. The company offers electric vehicle charging solutions for different settings. Its Level 2 CS series of electric vehicle

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AeroVironment Charging Station Equipment

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Aerovironment is a California-based technology company that supplies high-power test systems including electric vehicle infrastructure and energy systems. The company is also known for its development of lightweight solar- and human-powered vehicles as well as unmanned aerial vehicles. AV features a range of EV charging solutions for different locations and

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