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ShorePower Technologies is an electric vehicle charging stations network focused mainly on TSE (truck stop electrification). ShorePower was inspired by the New York TSE project supported by the city’s Energy Research and Technology Authority.

The network’s operations center on deploying EPS (electrified parking spaces) at high-traffic truck stops to connect the locations to the network’s smart electrical grid. Although the network’s charging stations are optimized for trucks, it can also accommodate EV and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

ShorePower Network has charging stations in major US cities and states such as Oregon, California, New York, and Washington among others. Check your nearest ShorePower EV charging station location in this map.

Specialized long-haul and heavy-duty trucks can readily access Shorepower’s SmartWay™-verified TSE and STEPS (Shorepower Truck Electrified Parking Space) specifically designed for truck stop locations.  Watch the video to see how the Shorepower TSE project optimizes high-traffic truck stop locations.

Unlike units designed for single-family homes, these charging stations are built to handle high traffic and overnight charging. ShorePower EV Charging Stations are available in Level 1 outlets with additional features and Level 2 upgrade options. Check ShorePower’s network of truck stop electrification sites in the US here.

EV fleet operators and managers can also request ShorePower Charging Stations in wall and pedestal installations. EV drivers who want to access the network or buy a single-use service need to possess active Shorepower accounts. Interested EV owners can use credit cards or call a toll-free number to register new membership accounts or to purchase single-use service.

The network operates in major cities and states such as Oregon, California, New York, and Washington among others. Check ShorePower’s EV charging station network here.

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