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SemaCharge Technologies is the software system behind the ChargePro EV infrastructure under the SemaConnect Network.

SemaCharge is a smart electrical vehicle charging station network launched with the first deployment of ChargePro 620 edition stations. Check out the SemaConnect network charging stations video to learn more.

SemaCharge stations can be found in various US major cities and states such as California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, and Utah. SemaCharge also operates in British Columbia in Canada. Check out available SemaCharge station near you in the SemaCharge station map.

Service providers and customers interested in purchasing a ChargePro station under the SemaCharge network can avail of a free site inspection and quote for their business / commercial needs. SemaCharge will facilitate a site and electrical inspection to check if the location is charging station ready. Charging stations come in pedestal, pole mount, and wall installation options. The stations can be installed by an independent installer or one of SemaCharge’s partner installation services. SemaCharge provides one-on-one software tutorial and marketing campaign for customers.

The network provides EV charging solutions for multi-family units, workplaces, parking garages, and other locations. SemaCharge also handles high-traffic spots such as municipal parking lots, hotels, commercial stores, and fleet routes.

SemaCharge accepts debit/credit cards and online payments. EV owners can sign up for membership to the SemaConnect ChargePro network and receive sustainability reports, updates, and other network notifications. Members can either use the SemaCharge RFID pass card or the SemaCharge smartphone app to connect to the SemaConnect Network.

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