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ParkPod is a startup company that supplies networked ParkPod charging stations. Parkpod operates EV charging stations systems in the US and in Germany.

The company provides turnkey EV charging solutions for retail, parking lots, municipalities, and other locations. ParkPod offers both ParkPod Hardware and Software for customer-ready pilot projects.

Watch ParkPod Marketing VP James Schaffer talk with EV World’s Bill Moore about ParkPod installed as the latest amenity of the Hilton San Francisco Financial District in the video below:

ParkPod stations feature LED-powered status indicators for easy and safe end user operation. The stations are RFID-ready for user authentication and activation. All ParkPod stations in a particular group can connect to administrative services and cloud apps via a local wireless network. The charging stations are extendable for vehicle-to-grid upgrades.

ParkPod charging stations offers several charger connectios: SAE J1772-2009 and household receptacles for US customers, CEKON oder CEEplus, Schuko, and IEC 62196 for European clients. ParkPod charging stations are equipped with line protector and GFCI for user safety. The charging stations offer power choices for US- and Europe-made electric vehicles:

US Electric Vehicles

  • 120 VAC at 16A
  • 208 to 240 VAC at 30A

Europe Electric Vehicles

  • 2 kW (1 x 240V at 10A AC input)
  • 3 kW (1 x 240V at 16 AC input)
  • 7 kW (1 x 240V at 32A AC input)
  • 21 kW (3 x 400V at 32A AC input)

If you are interested in launching a ParkPod pilot project in your locale or community, see what service support ParkPod offers here.

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