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OpConnect is an EV charging stations network which operates in seven US states including Washington DC, Oregon, California, and Hawaii. Unlike competitor networks, OpConnect lets non-member and member EV drivers access its charging stations without pre-registration or membership requirements.

The network is an end-to-end EV charging station system which offers a variety of payment options for customers. Any EV driver can purchase service at one of OpConnect’s charging stations using email addresses, debit/credit cards, and online payment. Registered members can use their network membership card to pay for services. Additional options include use of the Wright Express Fleet card and the OpConnect smartphone app. Watch how you can use your smartphone to pay and manage your EV charging on OpConnect’s Mark II EV charging station in the video below.

OpConnect also integrates social media into its network. Users can locate stations, check for free stations, and leave feedback for other users through their Facebook accounts. Aside from social media access, members can also use the company website to search for stations and check their EV battery status remotely.

OpConnect is ultimately geared toward smart grid possibilities where EVs can be integrated as direct power sources in vehicle-to grid and vehicle-to-home situations. In view of this, OpConnect charging stations are EVSE-ready (Electric Vehicle Support Equipment), meaning the charging stalls can properly accommodate up to four EVs simultaneously. OpConnect EVSE stations support Level 1 and Level 2 charging. Check out OpConnect charging station near you at the OpConnect locations map.

With its multiple payment options, the OpConnect network not only expands its consumer base but offers fleet management and commercial solutions as well. OpConnect has collaborated with Enterprise Rent-A-Car to power EV fleets in Sta. Monica and Torrance, California. Enterprise Rent-A-Car is a electric car rental startup based in California. OpConnect has also successfully partnered with the Department of the Navy to provide charging solutions in several key locations.

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