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eVgo was launched in 2010 by NRG Energy company as part of its corporate sustainability initiative. The eVgo network is the first public EV charging system privately funded for EV drivers.

eVgo charging stations can be found in key locations in Washington DC, Houston, California, and Dallas/Fort Worth. The network has plans to branch out in Virginia and Maryland. Find an eVgo charging station near you in the eVgo network map.

The network offers prepaid subscription for its range of EV charging services, similar to mobile prepaid minutes. eVgo charging stations are available in Level 2 (240V) and DC Fast Charger (480V). eVgo also offers Freedom Stations equipped with both charging stalls. Watch the eVgo Freedom Station DC Fast Charger in action below.

The company offers four charging plans based on customers’ needs. Retail property developers can avail of Freedom Station hosting options with all installation costs and ongoing maintenance paid for by the company. Service providers looking for charging solutions for multi-family units and communities can purchase installation of dedicated Level 2 chargers. eVgo offers zero-maintenance EV charging solutions for larger communities such as condos and home owners’ associations. Lastly, fleet operations and large commercial service providers can request installation of dedicated Level 2 (240V) EV chargers for high-traffic locations.

Interested EV owners can take a free eVgo Home Readiness Assessment for EV charging sites. In-home Solutions start at $29.95 per month for single family residential units while Away-From-Home Solutions start at less than $5 per month. Check the eVgo solutions for your EV charging needs here.

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