Nivea’s Magazine Ad Doubles as Solar-Powered Mobile Charger

Sure, puzzles and cut-outs from print ads can be fun (up to a point). But who can beat a magazine ad that can charge your mobile phone through solar power?

Nivea breaks the digital and print divide by integrating both in its revolutionary solar charger ad. At first glance, the brand’s solar charger ad doesn’t seem very special if not for a conspicuous black box at the bottom of the page. The old-fashioned magazine print ad includes the usual presentation of its products against a sunny beach background.

But turn the page over and a set of printed solar power panels greets the viewer. The panels connect to the black USB port box at the front of the page. Users expose the panels to sunlight and then connect their mobile phones to the USB port for charging, presumably while they soak up the sun themselves – protected by Nivea’s sunscreen products.

Not only does the ad nail its main point (enjoy the sun without worries with Nivea products) but it actually brings real-world benefit to its audience. It seamlessly integrates physical, visual, and digital content in a context that highlights its benefits for target audience. Users can’t fail to make the connection between having a fun as well as a useful time at the beach and Nivea’s line of products. Not to mention its handy solar charger ad for their mobile phones.

By becoming a piece of useful content, Nivea’s solar charger ad captures the attention of its target audience as well as those of its competitors. Nivea accomplishes all these with a simple print ad media that brings an unexpected but relevant benefit for its audience.

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