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General Motors (GM) is a US-based multinational holding corporation that operates in vehicles and vehicle infrastructure business through several subsidiaries. GM manufactures vehicles under eleven brands including Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and Isuzu among others.

GM subsidiary Delco Electronics developed Magne Charge to charge its own manufactured battery electric vehicles. Magne Charge was mostly used by first generation Toyota RAV4 electric vehicles.

Magne Charge features a large inductive paddle in its charge port. In collaboration with Toyota, GM developed a smaller charge paddle and installed both in Magne Charge units. Previously, Toyota used the smaller Yazaki conductive connector for its electric vehicle units. To match the standard Avcon conductive that competitors (Honda and Ford) were using, GM partnered with Toyota and for a time both companies used the large inductive paddle. Later GM developed a smaller inductive paddle in compliance with Toyota’s request.

The Magne Charge charging station was weatherproof and has been demonstrated to safely operate even when completely submerged in water. Magne Charge stations were designated as SPI (Small Paddle Inductive) and LPI (Large Panel Inductive) stations in EV charging stations maps.

In 2002, GM withdrew its support of Magne Charge after the California Air Resources Board decided on a conductive charging configuration for electric vehicles.

The industry standard SAE J1772 connector cable can be traced to the development of the large paddle inductive charger used in General Motor’s Magne Charge units.

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