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US corporate giant GE joins the race to cater to the growing number of EV owners and drivers with the launch of its GE Wattstation. Wattstation charging stalls are available in Networked and Non-networked options.

Members can link their Paypal accounts to the network to purchase services. Users can also download the WattStation Connect Android and iOs mobile app to connect to the network.

Interested service providers can inquire about GE Wattstations industrial solutions via GE’s branch dispatcher contacts around the world. GE also offers certified EV installation for individual customers and business establishments.

Watch GE’s Global Product Manager for EV infrastructure Michael Mahen talk about the Wattstation in the video below.

Wattstations are equipped for Level 2 charging and gives a 24 kWh EV battery a full charge in 4 to 8 hours. The Wattstation column features a backlit charging icon that indicates charging and availability status. GE hopes Wattstation’s unique glowing design will make it the new icon for electric vehicle infrastructure.

GE’s line of EV infrastructure products feature Networked (WattStation Connect, WattStation, and WattStation Wall Mount) and Non-networked (WattStation WallMount, Durastation) solutions. Networked Wattstations feature multiple mount options, access control, network connectivity, and modular upgrades. These charging stations are also powered by cloud-enabled WattStation Connect. Non-networked Wattstations only feature wall mount option and wrap-around cord system. These charging stations do not have connectivity and upgrade options. Both networked and non-networked Wattstations are NEMA 3R-rated for outdoor use.

Plug in to the Wattstation network at Wattstation Connect.

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