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General Electric (GE) is a US-based multinational conglomerate corporation that operates in energy, technology infrastructure, capital finance, consumer and industrial applications.

GE Industrial Solutions presents its WattStation as the flagship product of its EV infrastructure solutions. The WattStation is available as Networked, Non-Networked, and DuraStation configurations.

Networked WattStations are available in two mount options and equipped with connectivity capabilities. Non-Networked WattStations are available only in wall mounts and do not have connectivity options. DuraStation is available in multiple installation modes and has network connectivity.

Watch Yves Behar, founder of the Fuse project, discuss the design and features of the GE Wattstation Wall Mount in the video below.

GE’s line of EV charging stations includes WattStation Wall Mount, WattStation, and DuraStation.

  • WattStation Wall Mount – delivers a full cycle charge to a 24 kWh in 4 to 8 hours.
  • WattStation – Level 2 charging with 208 to 240 VAC at 40A power.
  • DuraStation – Can charge up to four vehicles. Level 2 charging with 208 to 240 VAC at 40A power. Able to deliver full cycle 24 kWh battery charge in 4 to 8 hours.

The WattStation Wall Mount is outdoor rated as NEMA 3R meaning it is able to withstand rain and sleet. The WattStation Wall Mount can be hardwired for permanent installation or simply plugged in for mobility. It comes with a secure key lock and mounting plate to prevent theft and unauthorized removal.

The WattStation is built to fit in retail, commercial, or public locations. Its cord management system allows easy storage and user protection between uses. Thanks to its modular design, the WattStation can be easily expanded or upgraded in-field without extra replacement equipment. The charging station is NEMA 3R indoor/outdoor rated and satisfies UL and fire safety requirements.

The DuraStation can be mounted in single/double pedestal, pole, and wall options. It features LED display for different charging status and a VFD screen for communications. The DuraStation has Ethernet network capabilities for RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) authorization. It is optimized for easy use with cord holder, auto re-closure, and ground monitoring circuit for vehicles.

Request a certified EV installer from GE’s partners in the US and Canada here.

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