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Electric transportation company EcoTotality launched the Blink EV charging stations network in support of the US federal government-funded EV Project. Blink charging stations are manufactured and sold by EcoTotality.

For a quick how-to on the Blink DC Fast Charger watch this video:


Blink Pedestal chargers are suited for commercial and public areas. Pedestal chargers feature 7 inch LCD touch screen with user interface for EV charging. The station is furnished with a 360° beacon light to ensure visibility. Pedestal chargers are Smart Blink-designed for easy installation and intuitive connector docking. The station supports Wireless IEEE 802.11g and cellular communication modes. It also is LAN/Ethernet and LAN capable with bi-directional Web-based delivery and data flow. Pedestal chargers support energy metering when ANSI 12.20 and IEC standard certified.

  • Blink HQ Home Charger – (30A and 220 V) SAE J1772 connector compatible and comes with 18 ft. charging cable.
  • Pedestal Charger – Level 2 charging with 240 V AC power input. Equipped with payment options and support for multiple communication modes.
  • DC Fast Charger – 480 V 3-phase with AC input. Gives a full EV battery charge in less than 30 minutes.

Blink DC Fast Chargers are the fastest in Blink’s EVSE (Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment) product line. The charging station features a 42 inch color LCD display with daily readability and sound system via the Blink Advertising Network. It also has an extra 10 inch LCD touch screen for easy, intuitive charging. The DC Fast Charger is equipped with highly visible beacon light and window. It is outfitted with dual user ports and separate Grip Power Unit (GPU) for easy use and installation.

The Blink DC Fast Charger supports energy/demand metering when ANSI 12.20 and IEC certified. It supports multiple communication modes similar to the Pedestal Charger. The DC Fast Charger’s exterior can be customized with graphics for company rebranding. Sign up for free on the Blink Network to access Blink EV charging stations.

Download the complete Blink EV charging stations guides here.

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