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Eaton Corporation is a power management company with a diversity of businesses in electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical applications. Eaton also works on aerospace and hydraulics aside from vehicle and electrical businesses.

Eaton supplies a range of electric vehicle charging solutions in the electric transportation industry. The Pow-R-Station family is Eaton’s flagship EV infrastructure line.

Watch the introduction of Eaton’s EV charging station at the EMC 2011 in the video below.

Eaton offers six categories of EVSE (Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment) solutions ranging from indoor charging stations to electric vehicle simulators.

  • Dual Level 2 Charging Station – charges two EV batteries in about four hours. Takes up less space than two separate stations and suitable for fleet/commercial EV operations.
  • Level 2 Charging Station – rated NEMA 3R for outdoor use. Features safety checks and automatic power cutoff in case of connection disruption.
  • DC Quick Charger – DCQC station provides 80% charge in less than 30 minutes. 50 kW output capability via 5 separate 10 kW power drawers.
  • Residential Solution – offers Level 1 (120Vac), Level 2 (240Vac), Universal Unit (120Vac), and Electrical Vehicle Simulator for turnkey services.
  • Universal Receptacle EV Charging Station
    – can charge up to four EVs simultaneously. Level 1 (110/120Vac) charging output available in 20, 40, and 80A units. Features NEMA 5-20 T-slot receptacles. Compliant with NEC 625 and UL 2594 listed.
  • Electric Vehicle Simulator – features universal receptacle for charging up to four EVs simultaneously. If more than four EVs need to be charged, Level 1 stations can be serially connected with optional submetering. Also features ground fault simulation and pilot oscilloscope signal test points.

See Eaton’s list of electrical product and solutions here.

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