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ClipperCreek Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier of electric vehicle supply equipment for United States EVs. ClipperCreek’s line of EV infrastructure products accommodates both battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

The company offers electric vehicle charging solutions for different settings. Its Level 2 CS series of electric vehicle supply equipment (up to 100 Amps) are optimized for fleet operations and public EV charging. ClipperCreek’s Level 2 TS (20 to 100 Amps) series are designed for rapid EV charging in commercial and workplace settings. The TS series is specifically designed for the Tesla Roadster. Lastly, its Level 1 PCS series features low cost and portable EV chargers compatible with most standard electrical outlets. PCS charging station series features ECS-15 charging cable used in Japan and North America.

Watch Don Francis of ClipperCreek give a demo on the ClipperCreek charging station using the J1772 cable connector.

ClipperCreek offers Level 1 and Level 2 charging stations in 6 types:

  • PCS-15 (1.4kW – 120V AC) – features self-check ground fault protection and backup for battery EVs.
  • LCS-25 (4.8 kW – 240V AC) – smallest level 2 charging unit in the EV infrastructure industry.
  • CS-40 Series EVSE (7.2 kW – 240V AC) – flagship product of ClipperCreek, features options for Smart grid integration and low cost billing system.
  • ACS-15 (120V AC) – low power unit ideal for low cost and long term charging.
  • CS-100 Series EVSE (18 kW – 240V AC) – higher power and faster charging unit in the CS series
  • ECS-15/20 (3.7 kW – 230V AC) – designed for Plug-In EVs and compliant with SAE and IEC standards.

Interested customers can inquire about ClipperCreek’s EV charging stations at one of its distributors including Metro Plug In and EV Support.

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