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With over 13,000 EV charging spots in 14 countries, Chargepoint is the largest network of registered independently owned EV charging stations in the world. Chargepoint Services is powered by parent company Coulomb Technologies, a California-based EV infrastructure corporation.

The network boasts almost 1, 800 public charging station owners and nearly 45,000 registered EV drivers on its system. Users can look for reservable stations and compare prices of individual services at registered Chargepoint stations. Check out your nearest US Chargepoint station at the Chargepoint station map. Select filters for power levels (Level 1, Level 2, and DC Fast Charger) to locate the charging station you need.

Chargepoint is an award-winning open network in collaboration with multiple manufacturers and suppliers. Interested customers and service providers can select the hardware they want from their preferred suppliers. The network also offers customization options for pricing structure and service plans.

EV drivers can use the network’s smartphone app and online tools to locate and reserve unoccupied charging stations. Check out EVs top up at a Chargepoint Station in the video below.

Google, Dell, and Adobe are only some of the prestigious companies in Chargepoint’s list of customers. Over 1,900 organizations use Chargepoint’s services including municipal parking for the cities of Bellevue, Houston, and San Francisco. Chargepoint offers EV charging solutions for commercial and corporate service. Fleet owners and telematics operators can take advantage of the network’s cloud-based system for optimized charging operations. Entrepreneurs can also use API access to operate dedicated charging stations in parking lots, multi-dwelling units, and other locations.

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