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ChargePoint online global EV charging network is the largest in the world with over 13,000 EV charging locations in 14 countries. ChargePoint Services is powered by its parent EV infrastructure company, Coulomb Technologies. Coulomb Technologies has expanded in nearly 30 US states as well as in Canada and Europe since it launched the first Chargepoint station.

The CT4000 Series is ChargePoint’s flagship line of EV infrastructure products. CT4000 Series features power sharing and customization options for video and branding geared toward business owners. The charging stations also feature Clean Cord Technology and interactive user-friendly interface for overall positive user experience. Check out ChargePoint’s CT4000 Series gallery here.

Watch the ChargePoint America press reel featuring its charging station units and smartphone app in the video below.

ChargePoint EV infrastructure products are categorized in 4 charging stations series:

  • CT4000 Family – single or dual Level 2 7.2kW charging ports with locking holsters. Features CT4021 Bollard Dual, CT4011Bollard Single, CT4023 Wall Mount Dual, and CT4013 Wall Mount Single.
  • CT2000 Series – Level 2 charging 7.2 kW output (208 to 240 V at 30A) optimized for public charging applications. Features CT2001 Bollard, CT2002 Pole Mount, and CT2003 Wall Mount.
  • CT2020 Family – two 7.2 kW Level 2 charging ports (208 to 240 V at 30A). Features CT2021 Bollard, CT2023 Wall Mount, and CT2025 Bollard.
  • CT2100 Family – dual output charging stations geared toward public and outdoor use. Features the CT2101 Bollard, CT2102 Pole Mount, and CT2103 Wall Mount.
  • CT500 – 7.2 kW single output charging station designed for single home use to light commercial applications. Available in Wall Mount option.

Download charging station data, templates, and installation guides for ChargePoint’s complete charging stations series here.

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