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Brightbox Inc. is a mobile charging station company launched in 2011 that supplies secure smartphone charging kiosks. Brightbox charging stations feature credit card activation and mobile device charging for a flat fee depending on location.

The company operates mobile charging kiosks in key event spaces including hotels, gyms, theme parks, casinos, malls, and others. It counts prominent hotels such as Hilton Anaheim, Westin Hotels, and the Hyatt and Sheraton Hotels among its prestigious customers. Its customers also include campuses such as The City University of New York (CUNY). Brightbox kiosks can be found in Apella, TAO, Lavo, and the Stonewall Inn among other locations.

Users with dying mobile device batteries can plug into Brightbox charging kiosks using their credit cards. For a location-based flat fee, users can charge their smartphones for as long as they need. Whether they use one of the kiosk’s charging chambers for a minute or an hour, the fee would be the same. Check out the primer video on the Brightbox charging kiosk below:

Brightbox kiosks feature secure mobile device charging thanks to its steel and aluminum chambers. Inside, users can find the right standard charging cable for their mobile device. The chambers can only be opened by the user’s credit card or a venue staff’s authorized card. Customers can open the chambers to check on their device’s battery status or messages with no extra charges.

Brightbox will launch Android and iOS smartphone apps to help users find their nearest Brightbox kiosks. See what venues feature Brightbox kiosks here.

Brightbox offers scalable mobile charging solutions for a variety of locations from commercial establishments such as bars, theaters, and restaurants to large spaces like airports and stadiums. Brightbox provides customization options for the following kiosk: color options, user interface, and lighting.  Interested service providers can request a Brightbox kiosk for their venue here.

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