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Brightbox Inc. supplies mobile charging kiosks that feature secure smartphone charging and credit card activation.

Brightbox mobile charging stations feature separate locked charging chambers. The mobile charging kiosks allow unlimited personal chamber access. The kiosks require a one-time flat fee depending on location which is good for a single unlimited charge. Brightbox accommodates most smartphones and mobile devices like Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and others.

Brightbox kiosks feature 3G wireless and constant server communication for real-time alerts and notifications. The kiosks can be mounted on walls or installed as free-standing units thanks to its flexible mounting. Brightbox stations stand at 30″ by 11″ by 6″. Its card readers are fully PCI compliant with encrypted communications for security. Brightbox stations are made of aluminum, steel, and sturdy Kydex material that make it solid and secure units.

Watch Brightbox Chief Product Officer Jack Phelps discuss the mobile charging station’s design details in the video below:

Brightbox chambers are opened with users’ credit or debit cards which also function as locker keys. Authorized venue staff can also open the chambers with magnetic stripe cards. The chambers are equipped with standard charging cables for smartphones. The chambers are secure, allowing users to leave their mobile devices during recharging time. The company states that it never accesses any data on users’ phones plugged into its chambers. To retrieve the mobile device or to check on its battery status, users need to swipe the same card on the mobile charging kiosk for no extra charge.

Check out the Brightbox mobile charging station here.

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