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Mobile users can now recharge their smartphones and tablets on New York streets thanks to AT&T’s Street Charge. At&T is the country’s largest mobile services provider and one of the largest mobile telecom operators in the world.

Street Charge provides solar-powered electric charging for mobile users on the cityscape. AT&T launched Street Charge in all five boroughs of New York City, where mobile users can plug in phones and tablets for a free charge. Each station can provide an average smartphone full battery charge in approximately two hours. Check out the launch of AT&T Street Charge in the video below.

AT&T developed Street Charge in partnership with solar mobile industry leader Goal Zero and design firm Pensa. The pilot project grew out of the Superstorm Sandy crisis, when the company was pressed to install generators to power distribution centers. During the crisis, AT&T also had to provide pop-up cellular services for cut-off customers. Street Charge is part of the company’s mobile expansion initiative. The company stated it has plans to deploy more Street Charge units in the future.

Street Charge is available in 25 locations in New York city. Find one near you at the AT&T Street Charge map.

Each stall stands 12.5 feet tall powered by three 15-watt solar panels which spread out on top of the unit. Street Charge station are equipped with dedicated ports for popular mobile phones (iPhone, Android, etc.) as well as standard USB cables for charging. Each station is backed up by 168-watt-hour lithium ion batteries in case of rainy days.

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