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Best known for its development of human- and solar-powered vehicles, Aerovironment (AV) is also a top supplier of high-power test systems such as electric vehicle systems and EV charging stations.  The company offers a wide selection of electric charging products ranging from smart home EV filling stations to distributed charging stations for commercial EV fleets.

Aerovironment provides a six-step installation process for customers’ electrical infrastructure whether for homes or for business establishments. The service includes site assessments, specific price quotes, and ongoing on-site support for customers.

Aerovironment offers extensive EV charging solutions for commercial businesses and manufacturers. Vehicle and EV battery manufacturers can avail of advanced vehicle testing services and customer-defined EV data systems. Real estate owners can enhance the value of their commercial and residential properties by taking advantage of Aerovironment’s EV charging station installments. See the Aerovironment EV Charger in action in the video.

AV accommodates advanced EV charging systems for industrial fleets. With AV, off-road industrial and on-road commercial fleets can optimize productivity with charging infrastructure specifically designed according to their attributes.

AV supports PosichargeTM systems for fast industrial EV charging. AV offers intelligent charging stations with features such as Active Cooling, Plug-n-Charge Technology, and Auto Watering among others. Additionally, Aerovironment offers independent electrical contractors training and certification opportunities.

EV drivers can top up at several AV charging stations in Washington, Oregon, and Hawaii. Aerovironment offers unique key fob technology that lets EV drivers access AV chargers along a specified route free of charge for a limited time. Users can sign up on the AV Subscriber Network to access the service.

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