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Aerovironment is a California-based technology company that supplies high-power test systems including electric vehicle infrastructure and energy systems. The company is also known for its development of lightweight solar- and human-powered vehicles as well as unmanned aerial vehicles.

AV features a range of EV charging solutions for different locations and establishments. AV charging stations are available in Level 2, Level 3 DC Fast Charger units and compatible with industrial standard SAE J1772 connectors. Aerovironment also supplies PosiCharge™ industrial charging station EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment).

See the Aerovironment charging station in different public charging venues along the West Coast in the video below.

Nissan chose Aerovironment to provide EV home charging and installation services for its flagship Nissan Leaf.

AV offers 6 categories of charging solutions:

  • Home EV Charging Station – features Home EV and Home Plug-in charging stations. Designed for single-family home use with simple interface and automatic safety precautions.
  • Multi-Unit Charging Station – features multi-station and Smart charging stations. Can accommodate single/double row parking and with options for up to 3 vehicle connectivity communications modules.
  • Public Charging – features mid-range DC Fast Charger stations. Equipped with networking and payment capabilities.
  • Charging Fleets – features DC Fast Charger (30 kW to 250 kW) and multi-station charging stations with dual/quad-port configuration.
  • Retail and Commercial Charging – similar to multi-unit solutions but designed for commercial operations with built-in security and point-of-sale (POS) options.
  • Charging at Work – similar to retail and commercial charging solutions.

For a complete list of Aerovironment EV infrastructure products, see the AV product resources and guides.

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