Why Charging Station Headquarters?

Charging Station Headquarters is a hub for all of your charging station needs. Whether you looking to charge your electric vehicle or power hungry smart phone or looking to research the best charging solution for home or travel, we want to make your life easier. There is a growing demand charging stations in the United States and around the word. In fact, the demand has never been higher, especially the runaway success of Apple / Andriod smart phones and Tesla Motors market making Roadster and Model S.

Also, did you know that there are already over 50,000 non residential charging stations globally for vehicles alone? This is dwarfed by the the nearly 383,477 petroleum stations installed around the world at their height, that number is now declining in countries such as the United States and England where the prices of electric drive train vehicles are becoming price competitive with oil powered cousins.

Vehicle and phone charging stations are a thriving industry, and we’re here to help you find and benefit from them.

We realize that many of you who are interested in finding charging stations or want to learn more about them before purchasing an electric car, or what the best devices to take with you on the go to keep you phone and electric devices charged. Additionally, many of you who are already in the industry want to receive additional information to further your career, but would like to know more about the latest technology and vendors in the space. This is why we created Charging Station Headquarters – to guide you in this industry.

What’s Unique About Charging Station HQ?

There are a lot of resources available online about where to find a charging station, however all of the websites we’ve come across are not very detailed about the charging station specs or about the companies behind them. We believe electric powered transportation is the future and we are lucky enough to also enjoy it today, but we also believe that is just the beginning.

Our goal is not to just to find you the closest plug but to also inform you on how and where the power from the plug is coming from.. We want to walk you through the entire process from production to plug so you can understand the impact your choices have on you, your family and the global ecosystem.